Thinking to create your own e-liquid

There are many vapers that want to make their own juice; this has especially been true since the vaping industry began being heavily regulated in 2016 and strict, sometimes crippling limitations were imposed on bottle sizes, flavors, and nicotine levels, among other things. It’s getting on to 2021 and the fight for our vaping rights continue. One of the theaters of war is DIY eliquid and it’s not just a political issue about rights, it’s also a great way to enjoy your vape even more.

Truth is, when the vaping rules and regulations started raining down, vapers were split into three main camps: one, vapers who used 0mg or less-than-20mg ejuice who were not affected by the new laws; two, vapers who swayed towards the shortfill (shake and vape, mix and vape) option; three, vapers who got into making DIY eliquid. Making DIY ejuice isn’t as hard as you might think (for some reason, the consensus is that making your own eliquid is somewhat difficult, but it really isn’t—they just want you to think it is). This is attested to by the fact that DIY juice-making has been on the rise continually every year. At the end of the day, you just to need to get your info and gear, put aside a little time, and you can mix eliquid easily. All calculations are done online, without the need to download anything, all ingredients are readily available, and there is a vast collection of information online. The only other thing you need to mix your own ejuice is…well…to start!

Granted, some vapers will always choose ready-to-vape eliquids or shortfills, but mixing juice yourself has quite a few advantages:

Much Better Value For Your Money, Serious Savings

Getting more bang for your buck. This is one of the main reasons why people start mixing their own e-juice. The savings can well be in excess of 50% compared to ready-to-vape eliquids—and this takes into consideration that since you are new to mixing DIY eliquid, there will be a learning period which involves some trial and error so you will have ingredients left over. However, the value of your savings is significant, both during and after mastering the mixing process. In the same vein, since you will have some ingredients left over when you mix your own ejuice, it is extra cost-effective to buy nicotine base, aromas, etc. as replacements, rather than buying new/whole eliquid mixing kits.


Create Any Flavor You Want, It’s A Blank Canvas

One of the best aspects of mixing DIY eliquid is that you can create pretty much any flavor/taste you want. With ready-to-vape e liquids and shortfill liquids (shake n vape), you are limited to flavors the producers offer. The chances are, if you can imagine a flavor in your mind, you can make it. Of course, some flavor combinations may appeal mentally but could turn out to be horrible mistakes in reality. But that is also a beautiful part of DIY eliquids, the whole “making something yourself and see how it is, good or bad” thing. And no, roast beef flavor does NOT vape good (then again, you might be in the ultra-minority and like it, who knows). Again, the unique subjectivity of taste is one of the awesome things about DIY vaping. You can fully customize the vape to your exact specifications.

Total Control Over Clouds, Flavors & Throat Hit

The wonders you miss out in flavor and clouds…it’s a shame, considering the potential each has. You can make eliquid live up to its potential by mixing it yourself. You can tweak your eliquid recipe for a more flavor-oriented vapor performance by going with more PG. You can choose to make liquids that deliver huge and super dense clouds with more VG. You can go for nicotine salts for a smoother throat hit. By making your own DIY e liquid, you open up yourself to a world of wonderful possibilities where you control every aspect of the vape. When you go with ready-to-vape or shake and vape liquids, you are limited by what the producer decides. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Customize Nicotine Strength With Extreme Precision

When you buy premade e-liquid, you are limited to a set number of options when it comes to nicotine strengths. If the nicotine level you prefer isn’t on offer, then you have a problem, you might have to buy a product you don’t really want or need. But when you’re making your own e-juice, you have total control over the e juice recipe, and that includes the nicotine concentration. You get to choose exactly how much or how little nicotine you want in your DIY vape juice. This ability to customize nicotine strength is just another reason why some vapers choose to make their own eliquid and not settle for second best. Make your own eliquid, friend, make your own liquid.

Larger Bottles Offer Greater Freedom & Convenience

One of the lovely(!) outcomes of the whole vaping regulations brouhaha was the “it is not allowed to sell eliquid in bottles over 10ml” for liquids with nicotine. When you mix your own eliquid, you have the advantage of making/getting 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, or whatever-sized bottles you want. Making DIY eliquid offers convenience regardless; you could be a vaper who often goes through up to 30ml per day, or maybe you want more than just a measly 10ml bottle of juice. One of the advantages is the ability to mix a good amount of eliquid in one run, enough to create a new batch, say, every other month—which saves you time. You don’t need to go to the store, you don’t have to wait for premixed e-liquids to arrive, you don’t have to deal with anyone. Just mix and store and that’s it!

cool cash

Possible Money Maker & Excellent Growth Potential

Yes. If it turns out your eliquid is good, you can start selling your eliquid creations on Amazon, eBay, and various other online marketplaces and platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As most DIY vapers do, you will most likely share your DIY eliquid creations with your vaping friends, and if their honest feedback is generally in the “your eliquid is sellable” neighborhood, then you have a great chance of monetizing. If your liquid is good enough, you could even transform yourself into a bona fide vaping business.

The above are just some of the benefits offered by choosing to mix your own e-liquid. We didn’t want to create headings just for the sake of it, but making your own eliquid really is a worthy pastime that offers a lot of fun, allows you to perfect your vape, saves you loads of money, and could even HELP you make money. What’s not to like, as they say. The take-away? Just enjoy making DIY eliquid as a fun hobby and see where it goes—it’s going to be great, that’s for sure!

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