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Optimal Vaping Temperatures for Temperature Controlled Mods

Many vapers use e-cigs that give near-total control over how the device performs. One of these control mechanisms is the temperature control (TC) function. While some TC vapes are programmed with pre-set temperature levels, some mods allow vapers to choose an exact temperature from a certain range, allowing for optimal personalization of the vape. However, it can be difficult sometimes to find the right temperature level—especially since many mods have different optimum temperatures. Actually, this is why we put this blog post together: to help you find the perfect temperature for vaping with a TC mod.

Knowing the optimum temperature for your TC mod is important for two main reasons:

optimal vaping temperatures tips coil

The first one is the most obvious one—knowing the best temperature of your device is definitely going to taste and feel better than not knowing. Vaping at too high of a temperature can easily result in a burnt sensation. Vaping at too low temperatures also has an adverse effect on the quality of the vape, with weak hits that don’t have too much body or flavor.

The second reason is about conservation. Vaping at too-high temperatures means using more vape juice than is needed. Since eliquid can be pricey, it’s very important to use it efficiently. Also, not wasting ejuice means you don’t have to fill up as much.

As we pointed out earlier, sometimes mods allow vapers to choose specific temperatures. Other times, vapers can only choose from a few different options in pre-determined range settings. On the extreme end, sometimes vapers don’t even get to choose temperature. Many mod electronic cigarette batteries have a temperature control feature, but more often than not, they are controlled through wattage. Wattage is the power that is supplied to the coils. Once wattage is applied, the heat on and in the wire starts to increase. More wattage means more heat; your coils get hotter much quicker. As heating becomes higher/faster, the amount of produced vapor increases. And it is at this point, the point where eliquid vaporizes faster or slower, makes a world of difference in flavor transmission and money.

DIY eliquid or not, the classic range to vaporize ejuice is 100-250°C. We feel the lower part of this range should be avoided because vaporizing at such low levels typically result in weak vapor with no taste. In our view, the best place to start is around 149°C, which, by the way, is still a relatively low temperature. At about 207°C you will be getting a cool and sizeable hit. The vapor consistency will feel thin and refreshing and will be smoother on the lungs of newer vapers. Low-to-medium levels will unlock the optimum flavor area. If the temperature isn’t high enough, turn up the heat a little. Temperatures around 224°C usually provide substantial hits that are not too warm. Above 232°C, e-juice is going to start to lose a good portion of its flavor, and even possibly start giving dry hits. With low-quality devices, such high temperatures will probably cause a lot of coughing, as well.

Overall, it is always in your best interest to find the optimal temperature for your TC mods—your taste buds and wallet will thank you immensely!