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The vaping marketplace is in constant flux as new companies appear and disappear with very frequent intervals. In the still ever-changing vapescape, our history is a picture of dependable stability achieved through constant growth. We have been around since the beginning and are in it for the long term.


Our foundations in vaping go back to our parent company that was formed more than a decade ago, a well-established vaping business with one of the longest and most successful track records in supplying the vaping industry, both as a producer and reseller. Inheriting over 10 years of industry experience allowed us to become one of the top contenders in the market and to walk confidently on the path to achieve our mission, which we envision as a smoke-free world.


From day one we lived up to our creed, which includes, among other core values, honesty and trust. Back in the day when no-one cared too much about harmful compounds, we were in talks with our second research institute in Switzerland. Back when no-one was talking about the need for regulation, we were on our soapbox advocating sensible vaping regulations. We were also one of the very first companies to experiment with nicotine salts. Sometimes it wasn’t financially easy to stand up for the right thing, but the markets rewarded us for our sincere efforts and elevated us to where we are today.

Meganicotine Labs - Chemist


Meganicotine Lab - Quality Check

“Premium quality” is a phrase used a lot, but what exactly does it mean? The definition of premium signifies greater or superior quality, compared to something else. In our case, it means our base is of superior quality compared to others. That’s only to be expected because, before anything else, we manufacture our own nicotine base. That means we have full control over every aspect of the product, including the quality.

As part of our commitment to physical excellence, we work with two different chemical research companies in Switzerland. We use ONLY the purest pharmaceutical grade ingredients: 99.99% pure nicotine, 99.99% pure VG and PG. The nicotine we use is distilled from real tobacco leaves and stems. In other words, we do not use synthetically produced tobacco. Our base is ISO 9001 certified, which means our production systems run at very high levels of quality, attesting to the fact we meet statutory and regulatory requirements (in most cases, we exceed minimal requirements to provide even higher quality).

The quality of our production line also plays a significant role in the overall quality of our base. We periodically lease and/or buy the newest machinery and software (SaaS) as they become available. Every drop of base is produced and bottled in certified clean rooms with dedicated floor space that is 100% free of contaminants. At MEGANICOTINE, we have a real drive to give people the highest possible level of safety and quality. You will rarely, if ever, hear people complain of our products. That’s because our quality outmatches the competition. We always have your needs at the forefront; so much so, in fact, we do not pass on extra costs to our customers as higher prices for safety and quality related issues. We absorb these costs ourselves, accepting a lower profit margin. And, to put it in layman’s terms, that’s ok. We are happy to only compete in areas that don’t involve risking anyone’s health.

Whether you are looking to mix juice for cloudchasing, for pods, for CBD vapers, for flavor-oriented vaping, or for other purposes, you can rest assured we have done our level best to give you the very best on the market. Combining periodically-updated production technology with the safest ingredients and blending them with a genuine passion for vaping, we at MEGANICOTINE have been able to create milestone products that have become known for excellent quality.

A top-quality product priced right and delivered without a hitch, with knowledgeable and caring customer service all the way: that’s the MEGANICOTINE promise.

Meganicotine Monogram
Our Mission


Our stated mission is to help eradicate smoking worldwide.

Our Vision


What we visualize when projecting into the future is the emergence of a markedly healthier and happier global society, once smoking does not exist anymore.

Our Philosophy


There are 16 core values we hold dear at MEGANICOTINE. Each notion you see below guides our behavior and forms an integral part of our collective corporate philosophy.

Cultural Sensitivity


We believe diversity and multiculturalism is not only to be respected, but genuinely cherished.

No Animal Cruelty


Animals should not have to suffer for consumer goods; animal testing is simply unacceptable.

Environmental Sustainability


Resource depletion rates must be lower than renewal rates; we believe it, we act on it.

Doing Good


We care about the well-being of people, regardless of the size of their community.

Quality Assurance


We provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service that combines to deliver premium value to our customers.



We never use anything but the very best when it comes to health, regardless of any additional cost to us.



We tell the truth and expect to be able to trust those we interact with.



We uphold the highest standards of integrity in everything we do; we deal openly and expect the same in return.



We are accountable for delivering on our commitments, as individuals and as a company.



The goal is and always shall be to get as close to perfection as possible.



From Petri dishes to personnel, we systematically and continually renew ourselves and our thinking.

Our Passion


You have to be happy about coming into work, you have to be committed in your heart and mind — and we are.



We know the need for trailblazing and taking calculated leaps of faith at the right time.



We work as a cohesive unit to meet the needs of all of our customers, retail and wholesale.



 We leverage the synergistic total of the collective genius at every opportunity.

Customer Icon


Companies that create exceptional customer experiences can set themselves apart from competitors. We understand that we are in the customer-experience business; we understand that how a business delivers is fast becoming as important as what it delivers.

Understanding the customer journey is about learning what you experience from the moment you start thinking of buying from us. We then work to make your journey toward buying a product as simple, clear, and efficient as possible. Yes, we sell base, but in terms of the totality of what you experience interacting with us, being able to offer a quick and seamless ordering system is of paramount importance. Answering your pre and post-sales inquiries in a timely, friendly, and satisfactory manner is perhaps even more important. More examples can be given; social media posts, payment processing, and others, but every interaction we have with you snowballs into your opinion about us. We know we have to put the biggest possible smile on your face, so we continually strive to deliver 100% in every area and every time we interact with you.

couple vaping happy


#vapesafe is one of our mottos, perhaps the central one. When you buy MEGANICOTINE, you buy safety and quality. We periodically update our machinery and software, use only pharmaceutical grade ingredients, employ professional chemical engineers, and manage our company to provide you the ultimate in physical quality, which translates into safety.

As part of our commitment to physical excellence, we work with two different chemical research companies in Switzerland. We use ONLY the purest pharmaceutical grade ingredients: 99.99% pure nicotine, 99.9% pure VG and PG. The nicotine we use is distilled from real tobacco leaves and stems (in other words, we do not use synthetically produced tobacco). Our base is ISO 9001 certified, which means our production systems run at very high levels of quality, attesting to the fact we meet statutory and regulatory requirements (in most cases, we exceed minimal requirements to provide even better quality). We also keep current with relevant developments at the ISO, FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration), CEN (European Committee for Standardization), AFNOR (the French voluntary standardization organization), and various other regulatory and standardization agencies. ISO’s current work in mid-2020 is geared more toward testing methodology than product standards (ISO/TC 126). AFNOR, CEN, and others are also turning out great work to help shape and solidify the vaping industry. Our products comply with pharmaceutical standards in the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, Japan, and other jurisdictions.

In terms of indirect safety and certification, we are proud to be able to say we never work with a company unless they can prove to us they are certified for safety and quality by an accredited institution and that using their products in our production will not jeopardize our customer’s health. Additionally, every MEGANICOTINE bottle features hermetically sealed, tamper-evident safety caps. All of our products meet vegetarian, kosher, and halal requirements. When you buy MEGANICOTINE, you are supporting a company that puts safety first.

Meganicotine Labs - Chemist
Meganicotine Labs - Chemist


ISO 9001 Certification Meganicotine

ISO 9001

SGS Certification Meganicotine

ISO 14001

TUV 14001 Certification Meganicotine

TÜV ISO 9001

Best Price


The lowest price is not the best price. You would be amazed how low we could price our base if we used shady business partners, sub-par ingredients, machinery, and the like. No, to us, the best price means the lowest price for maximum safety and quality that takes into consideration non-negotiable costs like hiring chemical engineers with PhDs, allocating clean rooms, certification outlays, independent analyses, and various other safety and quality related costs.


So the burning question is: if we don’t skimp on such costs, how do we compete? Simple. We don’t pass on safety and quality related costs to the buyer. We take a financial hit and accept a lower profit margin. And we are perfectly fine with that, we more than make up what we lose in quantity and other factors like being a manufacturer and strong relationships and contacts in the vaping business. It’s a brilliant win-win for everyone involved. We win, because we still make a decent profit; you win because your health or the health of your customers is not compromised. You can rest assured we will never change our pricing policy, because we know you need to be mentally comfortable buying base—peace of mind is not negotiable in any way.

Meganic Nicotine Bottle 1000ML
Shipping Icon


There are multiple points to touch on about deliveries because it is a supremely important aspect that can easily make or break the customer experience.


Firstly, your experience with deliveries is going to be different depending on where you want us to send your order. Keeping in mind we ship orders from the European Union, if your delivery address is in an EU country, your order arrives very quickly because there are no cross-border checks between EU member countries. That means no customs, therefore no delays or seizures. Us sending orders from the EU also means you can track your order with ease (unlike China, for instance).


If you live in a non-EU country, well…customers from non-EU countries sometimes worry whether their order will arrive, and we don’t blame them. The truth is, if your order is not packed right, there is a good chance of not receiving it. You will be happy to know we have a very strict and comprehensive stealth-packing policy. Stealth-packing is free of charge, as well. Stealth deliveries are carefully packaged with extreme attention to detail and pass customs inspections with ease. We never send a parcel unless we are 100% satisfied it will be delivered. Perhaps that’s why our non-EU delivery record is perfect.


We have delivered every non-EU order until now, and will continue to do so. It is purely a matter of professional stealth-packing and that’s how we pack all non-EU orders. Wherever you live, we can deliver to you with no problems whatsoever—as we have been doing for many years.

Stealth Packaging


Not only do we pack your order with ultimate care for it to be delivered without a hitch, we also make sure your order arrives without spoiling or leaking. Bottle caps are hermetically sealed with food-safe adhesive so there is absolutely no chance of leakage. Your base will not spoil/go bad in transit because we use UV protective materials to pack orders, this is also a great feature. Additionally, your package is fully waterproofed. Come rain or snow, you will always receive your base in premium condition. We cover all the bases at MEGANICOTINE—literally and figuratively.



Where DON’T we ship? We send worldwide, to all countries big and small.


Free Shiping






Of course! Once your order is paid for and sent, you receive your tracking number at your email address.

Meganicotine Labs - Chemist


As in everything we do, bottle sizes and nicotine levels also reflect our customer-centric mentality.


The bottle sizes and nicotine levels we offer change in parallel to inquiries from prospective customers and feedback from existing ones. Currently we offer 250ml and 1000ml (1 liter) bottles, but have offered 10ml, 100ml, and 500ml bottles in the past and might do so again. If customers want it, we adapt and offer the required bottle size. We also work closely with our wholesale clients asking for customized container solutions for large orders.


Our base comes in different PG, VG, and nicotine ratios. We offer base with nicotine concentrations of up to 80% (freebase). Our salt base is currently produced and offered at a maximum concentration of 40%. As with bottle sizes, we listen to the market and modify nicotine levels accordingly if and when demanded.


The current nicotine percentages of 80% and 40% are considerably high concentrations and are suitable for most individuals and businesses.



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