Reddit threads on DIY clones and DIY eliquid

Get ready for the attack of the clones vapers! You might be a vaping veteran or just starting out mixing…

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Alcohol vs. Vaping: things you should know

We are massive supporters of individual rights, along with a multitude of other rights—your average libertarian humanist. Naturally we are…

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Optimal Vaping Temperatures for Temperature Controlled Mods

Many vapers use e-cigs that give near-total control over how the device performs. One of these control mechanisms is the…

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Nicotine Salts Explained

Curious about how to vape nicotine salt liquid?

A lot of articles about this topic are too wordy, technical, and generally confusing so we will keep it short…

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Thinking to create your own e-liquid

The question on many minds: Can I make my own e liquid? Should I?

There are many vapers that want to make their own juice; this has especially been true since the vaping industry…

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How to make DIY E-Liquid for Beginners

How to Make DIY Eliquid For Beginners

If you vape, you will eventually come across the idea of making your own DIY eliquid sooner or later. We…

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