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Alcohol vs. Vaping: things you should know

We are massive supporters of individual rights, along with a multitude of other rights—your average libertarian humanist. Naturally we are just as passionate about our vaping rights, too. For over a decade now, writing from October 2020, there has been a non-stop assault on all things vaping. Left, right, and center, the vaping world has been under constant attack, and needlessly so. We don’t say ‘needlessly’ lightly, either—and that’s where the alcohol comparison comes in.

Is alcohol only meant for and marketed to adults? Yes, just like vaping products. Is alcohol only sold to adults? Yes, just like vaping products. Is alcohol sometimes abused by underage drinkers? Yes, just like vaping products. Is alcohol harmful? Can be if used irresponsibly, just like vaping products.

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So how come vaping products don’t enjoy the same market conditions as alcohol? Why is vaping so discriminated against—again, needlessly? If alcohol and vaping are pretty much the same, why are legislators trying to outlaw flavors? Impose bottle sizes and nicotine levels and what color your underwear needs to be? Hands off, please! If adults can so easily have market access to alcohol, we demand it for vaping products, without all these uncalled-for abuses of our rights.

Think about it, do you see anyone saying “no, you can’t sell strawberry daiquiris because it tastes too good, the flavor is great, and it will lead to teens drinking it”? We don’t. But then they turn around and say “no flavors, because it makes minors more attracted to vaping”. Give us a break. A BIG one! This is sheer hypocrisy, plain and simple. It’s a double standard and absolutely unnecessary. The vaping industry and consumers pay taxes, too. We have paid-and-struggled for rights just like anyone else.

Regulation is good, strangulation, not so much! If I want to vape and am not harming anyone, just like as if I were drinking alcohol and not harming anyone, then it is no-one’s business but my own!